Officially Use Whatsapp app on your Laptop and Desktop Without Scanning QR code?

You can Use Whatsapp on your laptop without scanning QR only when the stand-alone Whatsapp app for Laptop gets created sooner or later for laptops and desktops. Nevertheless, you can still use Whatsapp on your laptop.

Whatsapp Messenger recently owned by Facebook is now available not only on mobile phones but also on Whatsapp. Back in days when we tried to use Whatsapp on our laptops, android emulators were adopted (Bluestack) but the good news today is; there is now a web browser version for Whatsapp. Actually this is just web, not a stand alone application, it is more like an extension of your mobile Whatsapp. (This web browser is only compatible with Google Chrome Browser.

Now this is what happens, the web browser reflects from the mobile phone, the Whataspp conversations on the laptop or desktop. So your messages are stored only on your phone (like wise your contacts). All you need to do is read and reply from your laptops.

Here are steps to follow To officially Use Whatsapp on your laptop:

 QR bar code on Laptop (Google Chrome)
1. Type in your Google Chrome browser.

2. You will see a QR Code.

3.Now go to your phone and select Whatsapp Web, it will switch to camera mood.

4. Use the camera to scan the QR code on your laptop, you will feel a vibration(optional)...That's it!!! your phone is now paired.

Advantages of Whatsapp Web

1. Now you can chat on Whatsapp and charge your phone and browse without pressing the phone.
2. You now have the ability to type and chat with your ten fingers. This is actually very faster and my best part.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Web

1. You cannot store your contacts from the laptop.
2. Your phone must be within certain range so as to allow the web carry out this mirroring ability.
3. You must have Whatsapp app on your android phone, and google chrome on your laptop or desktop to enjoy this facility.
4. Once your phone is dead or there is no network you stop getting messages on the laptop.
5. Both devices must be connected to the internet.

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Try and upgrade to the latest Version of Whatsapp there is a new feature on status. Feel free to share or add up to the advantages or disadvantages by leaving your comment.


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